Starting this week, we’re offering an updated experience for DocuSign for Salesforce users! Thanks to customer feedback, we’ve made several enhancements to the UI. We’ve also improved the administration and installation experience for Salesforce admins, making it easier to manage accounts and get work done in fewer steps.

If you’re not familiar with the DocuSign for Salesforce app, learn more here. As one of the most-downloaded apps on the Salesforce App Exchange, DocuSign allows teams to close business faster and shorten sales cycles. As a key example, the Salesforce team leverages DocuSign to automate contract processes, closing 90% of contracts on the same day.

Check out our top 3 updates to DocuSign for Salesforce below.

UI Enhancements: Send Documents More Easily

Add New Recipients: When you send a document like a sales contract from a Salesforce opportunity, it’s now easier to add new recipients – without having to add them to Salesforce first. If a recipient isn’t in your Salesforce contacts, simply click Quick Add, then type in their name and email. (As always, you can also add recipients directly from your existing Salesforce contacts and leads. Not to mention, DocuSign can leverage data from Salesforce to automatically pull in recipients and populate the template itself.)

Edit Order of Recipients: Don’t want someone to see a contract until it’s been filled out by another party first? No problem. Once you’ve added all the recipients for the document, you can now change the order by editing the number next to each contact, or by dragging and dropping each contact.

Simplified Administration & Installation

Layouts Tab: In the DocuSign Admin console, the updated Layouts tab simplifies the way admins can add or remove the “Send with DocuSign” button for different Salesforce platforms and roles.

Installation Process: The process for installing DocuSign for Salesforce has been streamlined as well. A new checkbox-driven process allows administrators to get DocuSign up and running with fewer clicks.

To download DocuSign for Salesforce or learn more about the app, visit the Salesforce App Exchange.

Salesforce users: Have additional comments, questions or suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.