Bridges ( is a Wyoming-based organization that manages a variety of direct services for developmeBridges2ntally disabled children and adults in the state and in so doing are required to document and maintain care plans for all of their clients and their service providers. We recently spoke with Heather Ripley, Director of Bridges about its decision to adopt DocuSign for Office 365.

What was the primary reason that Bridges selected DocuSign?

We manage a caseload of more than 300 clients and each of those clients has multiple service providers who in turn generate a variety of mandated forms to document their services all of which was paper-based.  We’re a small agency, and wanted to stop spending resources on paperwork management that would be better allocated elsewhere.   eSignatures seemed like a good solution and we’d been exposed to DocuSign.  When we looked closer at the HIPAA support and DocuSign’s integration with Microsoft Office 365, we were sold.

How will Bridges use DocuSign for Office 365?

We would like to use DocuSign wherever we canacross multiple use cases.  Initially our focus is internal.  We will use DocuSign for Office 365 to process client progress notes, supervisor review of treatment and HR onboarding forms but we foresee even greater usage with external parties like state agencies as they begin to adopt eSignatures.

What were your initial expectations for the DocuSign solution?

Let’s just say ease of setup and use is paramount as our employees must focus on the clients and not on learning complicated technologies.  If a solution makes our employees’ jobs harder, it’s not a solution.  DocuSign’s integration with Office 365 was super important to us because it is integrated into the workflow our employees use today.  

What’s delighted you the most about the DocuSign solution?

The integration with Office 365 has been fantastic and the deployment was particularly smooth.   Our IT resources are limited so getting DocuSign for Office 365 up and running quickly without any surprises was terrific.

What advice would you give to someone else considering DocuSign?

Go for it.  It is a great solution for efficiency and reduces the cost of printing and storage that saves a bunch of time in our business.