Did you know the average driver will spend six months of their lives waiting at red lights?

While some time drains are inevitable, not to mention important, there are other roadblocks we can (and should) avoid. Namely — paper.  

The only thing people dislike worse than a time drain? A money drain. Not only is paper inefficient, it’s costly. In fact, as of 2012, paper-based claim submissions racked up $2.58 each, whereas electronic claims submissions came in at just $0.54 each. That’s almost 80% savings per claim.

Efficiency is important too — and particularly crucial in healthcare. Which is why many organizations have chosen to give paper the heave-ho in favor of more efficient digital practices.

DocuSign helps healthcare organizations complete patient onboarding 16x faster, from 8 hours down to 30 min. It also helps streamline:

  • Academic Research
  • Home Healthcare
  • Physician Credentialing
  • Patient Forms
  • Contracts

Which means you’re probably wondering: How do I get started? We’re glad you asked: By downloading this Healthcare Info Kit. It’s not only complimentary — it’ll set you on the path to saving hours, days, even weeks.

While we’re on the topic of time, check out our infographic on just that. We promise it’ll be time well spent.

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