I joined DocuSign 3 years ago as one of the first employees outside of the US and was there on the 8th August 2011, the first day we officially opened our doors in London and therefore EMEA. I will admit it was a leap of faith to join DocuSign at that point – electronic signatures were virtually unheard of in the EMEA region and when we sat down on that first day we had just 32 customers across the region. Culture, legalities and the technology within EMEA was not exactly ready for DocuSign!
What made me take that leap of faith? Firstly, the amazing people I met. The interview process captured my imagination and made me see what we could do. Then the product. I had been wavering about what job to take and DocuSign was risky but interesting. On Wednesday, 3rd August 2011 I was meeting with some of the DocuSign team. I told them if they wanted to hire me I needed a contract negotiated and agreed by the Friday, else I was taking another (much more secure and boring) job. And you know what, 6am on the Friday morning I had a DocuSigned contract in my inbox and all I had to do was sign to start on the Monday. I called a previous boss and mentor for advice – should I play it safe or take the risk on a company no one in the UK had heard of? Her advice, "the company can develop a technology and business ethos, turn an agreement and contract around in 36 hours, and you like them – you would be an idiot not to take it."
Three years later I can safely say I haven’t looked back. We have grown the customer base by many thousands of percent. We have vastly increased team numbers from four of us in a tiny office to a multilingual team of 40 plus who are now based in London. In addition, we just opened our Paris office to begin an exciting new chapter.
But the most amazing feat that we have achieved is that we no longer have to explain what an electronic signature is in EMEA. We may have to explain how it works but not what it is. Give us another three years and DocuSign will be a verb  you won’t be able to imagine life without it. Kudos to the original DocuSign EMEA team who made that leap of faith – the risk was worth it!