Building a robust developer ecosystem is a top priority for DocuSign. In November, DocuSign rolled out new API plans, and on December 15th we started releasing new open source SDKs. Last week, we launched a new Developer Center with access to tools and resources for building everything from simple eSignature applications to sophisticated line of business solutions. There you can create a free sandbox, access a quick start guide for the eSignature API, and find recipes with the code you need to accomplish common tasks. We are adding new recipes frequently, and working hard on new documentation across the board.

At the DocuSign MOMENTUM’16 conference, coming up April 5-7 in San Francisco, we are hosting Developers@MOMENTUM’16 with in-depth technical sessions for the DocuSign developer tools and platform. This includes a sneak peek into new APIs and products which will be announced at MOMENTUM’16, an opportunity to explore new use cases and workflows, from both DocuSign engineers and your peers, and an opportunity to give feedback on important product updates. If you have a prototype you need help with, a coding question or a tough debugging problem, you will also have the opportunity in the DocuSign DevLounge to spend quality time with DocuSign engineers and get the help you need.

As I get up to speed (I’m pretty new here) on all the cool things that developers are building with the DocuSign APIs, I realize we are just scratching the surface of what is possible. Some people dream of a paperless world, and although I’m not sure we’re there yet, there is definitely a step change happening as business goes digital. In the meantime, we are working hard to build the best tools we can to power an “eSignature movement”.

We’d love to share what we are doing and get your feedback during Developers@MOMENTUM’16.

Hope to see you there. In the meantime, you can reach me @MarieHuwe or

Want to learn more about MOMENTUM’16? Reserve your spot, check out the list of keynote speakers and more right here. This includes a special registration price that is exclusive for developers.