DocuSign supports a range of non-profit organizations. Through the support of its partners and customers the company has the ability to help a range of honourable causes. One of their largest is Free The Children, an organisation empowering the youth and providing them with food, healthcare and education.

To close the first day of DocuSign MOMENTUM 2014, we were honoured to have Roxanne Joyal, the innovative Co-CEO behind Me to We and a founding member of Free The Children speak to us about her work. These are just two of the charities driven by DocuSign. Welcomed by a standing ovation Roxanne told the incredible story behind both organisations and the work they were doing worldwide to make a real difference to people’s lives.

Making an impact

Roxanne shared stories of working with Me To We, explaining more about the beautiful and environmentally products created by the incredible social enterprise. She went on to tell her own personal stories about the time she’d spent in the Klong Toey slum of Bangkok and how it had inspired her to dedicate her life to helping others.

Roxanne’s speech was undeniably inspiring and it was clear the work across the world had made a real impact on millions. As the crowd stood to applaud her for everything she’d done and the house lights came up, I started thinking everything was over. Suddenly scores of volunteers spilled into the crowd handing out goodie bags and brochures for Me to We.

Within these goodie bags were gift cards for each person adding up to $25,000, a donation from DocuSign to the charity and a complete surprise to Roxanne. That wasn’t it though, as the doors to the auditorium opened, a pop up store full of artisan products had been built as Roxanne spoke, an incredible end to an inspiring day. Roxanne’s story is proof that we all have the power to change lives, especially when we have technology on our side.