In our last two installments of our “Digital Nomad” blog series, we looked at the definition of a Digital Nomad, and how the rise of technology led to the rise of remote working. Today, we look at the benefits behind stepping outside the conventional office, and living a mobile life.

According to a recent survey conducted by TINYpulse, published in Forbes, people who have the option of working remotely reported being happier and feeling more valued. While the freedom and flexibility that comes with remote working seems like an obvious plus, what’s less obvious is that remote working may not just benefit employees — but employers as well. 91% of remote workers reported they “get more work done when working remotely.”

Of course, the Digital Nomad takes remote working a step further: The traditional office is replaced altogether with remote working from coffee shops, cafes, beaches, and more across the globe. Some Digital Nomads may stay put in a certain city or country for a long time, while others will hop from location to location within a matter of weeks or even days. Regardless, many may experience the benefits of traveling for work. It may seem counterintuitive considering travel often involves stressors like time changes and flying. However, the emotional and even physical benefits of traveling often outweigh any initial airport-induced stress.

The Digital Nomad archetype may conjure up images automatically: A millennial kicked back on a beach, tablet in hand, or a content strategist video-chatting in a crowded cafe, or an engineer sequestered in a treehouse, clacking away at their laptop. However, here at DocuSign, we wanted to take our look inside the life of the Digital Nomad a step further.

Beginning next week, we’ll be interviewing real-life Digital Nomads that are part of the DocuSign team. Check back to hear their stories of travel, adventure: From working remote from the rest of their team, to embarking on a cross-country journey in an AirStream.

Interested in becoming a Digital Nomad yourself? Start here.