Today’s workplace doesn’t always have cubicles. With almost 30 percent of workers operating on geographically dispersed teams, companies and their employees need technology that empowers them to respond to customer needs quickly and flexibly. And as more companies rely on teams that don’t work in a single location, choosing technology that removes friction from every part of the sales process will only become more important.

To prepare for the workplace of the future, companies must seek technology that enables their teams to create documents more efficiently, works across devices and improves customer experience.

Making BYOD the SOP

More companies are seeing the value in bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies for their workers: 75 percent of companies already allow their employees to use their own devices. For roles like field sales, it’s almost a necessity to have devices that allow salespeople to work on-the-go. Whether it’s assembling documents on a mobile device or allowing customers to sign proposals and contracts digitally, the ability to complete similar actions on different devices is critical.

But while diversity of devices is becoming standard operating procedure, using different types of software can introduce friction to the sales process. That’s why choosing tech solutions that are easy to use – both for employees and the customers they serve – is essential. Solutions with a low barrier to adoption and an easy-to-use interface can speed the sales process and give teams more of the single resource they need most: time.

Investing in Digital Transformation

Saving time is important, but it takes time for companies to choose and implement the right tech. And as today’s workers require technology that moves with them, leadership must maintain a clear view of the technology that will help propel business in the near future and beyond.

According to a study by DocuSign, the most digitally mature companies enjoy 13 percent more revenue and 50 percent more profit than companies that lag in their adoption of digital processes. As successful companies move away from documents generated on word processor software and toward solutions like digital signature, leadership must consider how their investments in digital solutions will scale – not only as their companies grow, but also as their employees serve customers in different ways.

The workplace of the future isn’t that far away for today’s most successful companies – in fact, for some organizations the future is already here. It’s up to businesses to take cues from their customers and their employees to deliver the digital experiences that can improve business and the bottom line.

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