You don’t really expect it at first. You’re simply making your usual coffee stop. Yet, as you enter the front doors, it’s unmistakeable: The effervescent scent of pumpkin and cinnamon, paired delicately with a dollop of sinfully delicious whipped cream.

If the Pumpkin Spice latte is finally here, fall must be, too.

That means kids in grades K-12 are back in school, and whether you’re a teacher, school administrator, or a parent, there will be a sudden uptick in forms to fill out. To avoid the forgotten permission slips and missed out learning opportunities, we’ve gathered a list of use cases for you to jump into the first month back to school with ease:

Permission slips: Did your kid run off to school without their permission slip? That’s what DocuSign is for: You can easily sign and send a legally-binding signature – yes, while holding a Pumpkin Spice Latte – even at the last minute. Which means no student will have to endure the dreaded fate of studying alone in the library while the rest of their class is off at the interactive science museum.

Beginning of the year parent survey: Whether you’re a teacher looking to send out a survey on how to improve the learning experience for your students, or a parent looking to efficiently fill out, sign, and return said survey, using DocuSign means the process can be completed in minutes, from any device. So, as you walk from the morning pastry shop with that pumpkin spice muffin, make a few taps on your phone without the worry of getting buttery fingerprints on the paperwork. DocuSign gives you time to focus on what really matters: brushing up on your algebra so that you can help your kid out with homework after school.

Off-campus lunch: Ah, the land beyond school borders. Why is the forbidden burger shop across the street so much more appealing than the questionable lunch meat sold in the lunchroom? We may never know, but thanks to DocuSign’s legally-binding signature that can be sent from any device —  we may never have to.

If a child scrapes their knee on the playground and needs to go to the nurse’s office, a nurse can use DocuSign to sign off on their case. Or, for schools that require a signed note for a student to have lunch off-campus, DocuSign can be used to create, sign, and send a note in less time than it takes to drink a Pumpkin Spice latte.

These are just a few of the ways DocuSign makes the day-to-day routine of parents, teachers, and students easier in simple, yet crucial ways. Want to learn more about how DocuSign can help expedite everyday tasks this fall?