As many of you already know DocuSign has a Developer Conference coming up. Some of you have asked if you can go, but probably didn’t get a definitive answer or were asked to “provide a justification.” That’s just corporate speak for “buzz off,” but if you are serious about Building the Business Apps of Tomorrow you need to learn and connect with other engineers that are doing the same. We have done the justification writing for you. Go ahead, copy + paste it and change it up to fit your particular style!

“Dear <Manager>,

It is critical for our products to keep up and stay ahead of the competition. We have many opportunities to go paperless, improve trust in our critical business transactions and utilize the most modern tools available. To pull that off it is critical for me to learn and connect with other engineers who are working on similar initiatives.

By attending DocuSign DevCon 2015, I will accomplish these three things:


1)I will learn the latest APIs and Tools from industry leaders such as DocuSign, Salesforce, Dropbox, GradleWare, and Runscope.

2)I will network with potential customers and promote our company’s brand among hundreds of API developers.

3)I will connect to DocuSign engineers and will get answers and help directly from the folks that create the platform!


All of this is for one low price of $299, which is a $700 discount from the MOMENTUM price!

I am sure that the two days I spend at DocuSign DevCon 2015 will give us back more than two days worth of Development work!

Thank you for your consideration!


Also, totally off the record: the parties are going to be amazing, but you probably don’t want to put that into your justification letter. 

Hope to see you there in person! Register here.