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Delightful and Digital: Farmgirl Flowers

Want to play a guessing game?

Fill in the blank: An entire quarter of flower and plant purchases made for holidays are for…

Ding, ding, ding! That’s right — Mother’s Day. Whether for your mother, grandma, wife, sister, friend, or any other fabulous mom you know, flowers are a staple Mother’s Day gift since the holiday’s creation in 1908.

Warmed up? Time for your second question:

Tulips, roses, and lilies are undoubtedly some of the most popular Mother’s Day flowers. But which genus reigns supreme?

The brightly-colored gerbera daisy.

One company is no stranger to requests for said daisy: Farmgirl Flowers.

However, no matter how busy business gets, the company is steadfastly committed to its core objectives:

Which brings us to our next question.

How does Farmgirl Flowers make sure to provide all their customers with beautiful bouquets in time for Mother’s Day?

Hard work, commitment, and digitalization. Since ditching the ol’ pen and paper, Farmgirl Flowers has become an even more efficient and environmentally-friendly business:

“DocuSign allows us to operate in the most efficient way possible, saving us our most valuable asset – time. I actually think twice about using vendors and partners who don’t accept DocuSign now because I know it’s going to require much more time, which is something I just don’t have. I count DocuSign as one of my most valued business tools,” says Farmgirl Flowers Founder & CEO, Christina Stembel.

Well said, Christina.

Which brings us to our final set of questions:

Looking for flowers for Mother’s day?

Give Farmgirl Flowers a shout.

Looking for greater efficiency and reduced business costs in your life?

Give DocuSign a try for 30 days — the bill’s on us.

But first, wish your mom, grandma, sister or friend a Happy Mother’s Day. 

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