Contributed Article By: Daniel Thrall, Account Manager of Haiku Learning

Here at Haiku Learning, we maintain a pretty paperless office, and DocuSign plays a role in helping us in our pursuit to save the rainforests. In addition to saving rainforests, we also like to keep things simple and organizationally harmonious in our software development process.

Before we started utilizing electronic signatures, we’d send a contract to customers via email, and our customers would have to print out the contract, sign it, and fax it back. Who uses fax machines anymore? Needless to say, it wasn’t the quickest or most convenient process. Now, when sending out contracts for customers to sign, we fire that contract off via email, and it’s a snap for customers to send back their signed contract. We love knowing where the customer is in the process by receiving notifications when a person has viewed a contract. We are kept in the loop, and we close deals faster.

Haiku Learning’s motto is “Harmony, Simplicity, Community.” Our old process of sending and receiving contracts ran counter to the simplicity part of our motto. Electronic signatures help us keep things simple. Sure, there are drawbacks to paperless offices: nary is there a scrap of paper for jotting down lunch orders. But in the end, we close deals more quickly, stay organized, and we save those blessed trees in the rainforest, every single day. 

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