Contributed article by: Clayton Collins – World traveler and flip flop aficionado, Clayton writes about his travels at The Big Travel Theory.

Our dream was to travel around the world for several years. My wife and I saved what we could and worked extremely hard for a long time. Only two things stood in our way. The first was selling our house and the second were health issues.  Unsure if we could get past our problems, we bravely continued our plans to travel.

We spent an entire year planning our departure and were confident that things would work out. Our friends and family were stuck between helping us leave and wishing we would stay. The first piece of good news was when the health issues started to subside, giving us much needed hope.

We knew that selling our home would be very difficult. We were relieved when we finally received an offer with only two months left before our plane flight. After some negotiation, we set a closing date that was a week after our plane was scheduled to leave. The stress of leaving everything and trying to figure out a way to close the deal was tremendous. How do you sign something when you're planning to be 3,000 miles away?

That's where DocuSign saved the day. We were able to DocuSign modifications to our contract from a computer in Spain for our house in the U.S. The relief was tremendous when the transaction had closed and the final obstacle was overcome.

What we liked the most was how easy it was to DocuSign. We only needed access to the internet at our hotel. The highlighted tabs made sure that all of our signatures and initials were in exactly the right place – and not a single one was missed. It was faster than flipping through a paper copy.

This story would not have happened a few years ago when you couldn't DocuSign from anywhere.  We were so happy when we learned we could DocuSign our papers without needing to be in person.  Our story does have a happy ending, and it never would have worked out without DocuSign.