It’s no secret that finding the perfect candidate for an open position is a challenge. If you’re an HR professional, you’re likely all-too-familiar with the task of sifting through endless resumes, faxing documents, printing documents, and of course — the waiting. And waiting some more.

But what if you worked in, say, the ultimate digital office? What if you could create, edit, and complete documents in minutes right from any and all of the Google apps you already use? What if you could send documents for signature anytime, anywhere, and on-board new hires simply and efficiently?

You can. DocuSign for Google is the simple way to make every agreement digital. You can create offer letters directly from within Google docs, add any supplementary documents, specify the signing order, and more — then simply send out for signature from within Google docs. Candidates can safely access, sign, and approve documents from any mobile device, anytime, anywhere — and accept their dream job in one click.

Of course, HR isn’t the only department that can benefit from DocuSign for Google. DocuSign is a powerful, scalable transaction solution designed to meet your needs — whether you’re sending offer letters, sales contracts, or NDAs.

Want to trade in your filing cabinets (and the accompanying tedium) for an accelerated way to do business? Join us for a very special webinar “How to Grow Your Business by Going Digital with DocuSign & Google” on July 27. Registration is complimentary, but the info you’ll receive is invaluable. You’ll learn how to:

  • Integrate DocuSign with Google Applications such as Docs, Drive, Chrome, and Gmail
  • Get the most out of our newest integration DocuSign for Google Docs
  • Prepare a document for signature directly from Google Drive
  • Track and manage documents from your Chrome browser
  • Quickly sign email attachments from your Gmail inbox

Ready to trade in your paper envelopes for digital ones and transform your business into the ultimate digital office? Register for the webinar today.