This week we’re excited to announce a brand new set of updates for DocuSign for Dynamics CRM Online! If your team uses the Dynamics CRM platform, DocuSign is the perfect solution for closing deals faster. With DocuSign, your customers can sign sales agreements or other documents from any device, which updates your records automatically while keeping everything in the cloud.

Let’s take a quick tour of how it works, starting with an active Opportunity record/entity. We’re calling this one a “Golden Opportunity,” but it could represent any sales lead – or any business process, for that matter.

For this Golden Opportunity, you’ve been working with your contact Steve Anderson of City Power & Light. After working on the deal for some time, you’re ready to submit a contract for sign-off. Here’s where DocuSign comes in handy – you’ll be able to send, sign, track and store the document entirely within Dynamics CRM Online.

Locate your document.

For this Golden Opportunity, your Sales Agreement already appears in the notes section.

Select “Get Signatures” from the More Commands drop-down in the ribbon bar.

The Get Signatures button will appear in the ribbon bar whenever DocuSign is installed for your organization. It can be configured for any entity. (Likewise, the Sign button allows you to quickly sign a document within any entity.)

As you review the document, drag and drop the fields needed from Steve.

In order to close the deal and complete the agreement, all we need from Steve is his Signature, Printed Name, and Date. 

DocuSign makes it easy to highlight exactly what you need from Steve. Simply drag the fields you need into place. When Steve receives the document, he can quickly sign and enter any necessary information from any device.


Send the document.

After clicking Send, the document is sent to Steve’s email inbox. With just a few clicks, Steve signs the sales document and clicks “Finish.” Once that’s done, Steve receives the signed and completed version of the document in his inbox.

Steve’s view

Review the progress of the document.

One of the best parts of the Dynamics integration is you can track the status of any document from within the entity.

For our Golden Opportunity, you can get a quick update in the “Posts” section. (Great! We have a notification that all parties have successfully signed.)

We can track the exact status of our agreement by visiting DocuSign Transactions, which acts as a related entity for our Golden Opportunity (available in the Golden Opportunity drop-down menu). We can see that the agreement has been completed here as well.

When signed, the document is automatically stored in the Notes section of the Opportunity record.

Fantastic – We’ve closed the deal! The DocuSign integration allowed us to close the deal quickly and easily without ever having to leave Dynamics CRM Online.

For more information or to download DocuSign for Dynamics CRM Online, visit