The leaves are beginning to turn and there’s a chill in the air. While October may be infamous for ghosts and ghouls, we know a few things that are just as dread-inducing.



#SignatureScare Scenario 1: Paper Jam

It’s a morning like any other morning. You’ve sent the contracts to the printer. You’re on a tight deadline. You dart over to grab your stack of documents and, instead, are met with a blood-curdling sight: A paper jam.

Thankfully? This bone-chilling fiasco can be avoided once and for all…if you know the right spell.

#SignatureSpell Solution: Mix two drops of DocuSign with three cubes of Microsoft Office. Boil. Eye of newt optional.  

Upon reaching a rolling boil, all paper jams will vanish, and the accompanying screech of jammed printers everywhere will fall silent.

All documents will now be neatly stored in all your favorite Microsoft apps —  from Outlook to Sharepoint — and can be managed and signed anytime, anywhere. Learn more about this spell here.

#SignatureScare Scenario 2: No More Stamps

It’s early evening and you’re the last one at the office. A sole lightbulb flickers. Sitting alone in the HR department, you pluck an envelope from the stack and carefully fold up the offer letter for a standout applicant.

But — to your horror — all the stamps are gone.

This isn’t the first time you’ve been burned by traditional mail.

The waiting.

The tedium.

The envelope-licking.

Looking to avoid death by 1,000 papercuts?

We have a spell for you.

#SignatureSpell Solution: Pour a splash of DocuSign into a small pan. Brew with one scoop of mobile technology. Wormwart optional.

Let cool. You may now send, manage, and sign documents anytime, anywhere.

Learn more about this spell here.

#SignatureScare Scenario 3: Malfunctioning Fax

You’ve just hung up the phone. The adrenaline from closing a major deal has just kicked in. Only problem? The fax machine is malfunctioning — which means those sales contracts will have to wait.

#SignatureSpell Solution: Combine 3 vials DocuSign with 1 beaker of Salesforce. Bat skull optional.

Looking to throw off the shackles of the fax machine? The above concoction will allow you to do just that. Say hello to streamlined contracts, real-time updates and unprecedented efficiency with DocuSign for Salesforce.

Learn more about this spell here.

This Halloween, we think ghouls, ghosts, and goblins should be the only ones who fill the workplace with dread. To learn more about how to avoid the plight of paper this October (and year-round) click here.