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More Ways to Streamline Contracts with DocuSign for Salesforce

By Andy Tzou  You’ve already spent the time to make sure your Salesforce records have all of the information you need. So why should you need to re-enter that information before sending a document out…
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Quick Tips: Pics and Signatures

The digital age has brought us unparalleled amounts of efficiency, security, and innovation. We’re exchanging information more quickly and more effectively than we ever have in history. We can brainstorm, edit documents, and communicate with…
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Quick Tip Tuesday: Back to School Paperlessly with Docusign

Tired of signing your childrens’ field trip forms or attendance slips? Remember that free form signing from DocuSign is here to help. If you have an electronically delivered form you can either upload it into your…
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In Process Document Watermarks

Need to tell your users that a document hasn’t been completed? No problem—if your plan has the option to add a watermark in the Administration section simply select the option for Watermarks. To customize the…
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Quick Tip Tuesday: Geolocation and DocuSign – What you need to know

Do I have to share my location information with DocuSign? Sharing your location information is a browser related setting that is not mandatory. DocuSign does not require that signers share their location information in order…
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Quick-Tip Tuesday: Audit Logging

Ever wondered why a password or email address changed? The New DocuSign Experience now offers audit logging that tracks changes to account-level settings. Note: Data for account changes from before June 1, 2015 is not…
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Quick Tip Tuesday: I’ve signed my first document, now what? Creating a DocuSign account.

If you’ve never created a DocuSign account, but you’ve signed documents, DocuSign has automatically created a free recipient account for you. Recipient accounts are created for signers or ‘recipients’ as a free placeholder for the documents…
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