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Why I’m Proud to Sign On With DocuSign

When I talked to friends and family over the holidays about my excitement to join DocuSign in the New Year, I was astonished by the response. One after another would comment: “DocuSign? I love DocuSign.”…
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The Digital Buzz of 2016

At DocuSign, it’s no secret we’re all about saving time. But we’re also about communicating in real time. Gone are the days of even the smallest delay in news, opinions, chit-chat, and sharing: The social…
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12 Days of DocuSign: The Biggest Moments from 2016

While we have no gamebirds in fruit trees, French hens, or royalty prone to hopping about at the DocuSign offices — we’re closing out 2016 with a look back on twelve monumental moments. From the…
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Keith Krach Shares New DocuSign Developments at IBM World of Watson

Keith Krach, DocuSign Chairman and CEO, was recently interviewed on theCUBE* at IBM World of Watson in Las Vegas. He was joined by Inhi Cho Suh, GM of Collaboration Solutions at IBM. Together, the two…
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Michael Erisman on Hot Topics: How Employees Help Differentiate a Brand

Last week Michael Erisman had the opportunity to sit down with Karen Revoire, Contributing HR Editor of Hot Topics. Together, they discussed how employee voice helps differentiate a company’s brand. As the head of HR…
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The One Gift That Absolutely Everyone Wants

Ah, gift giving. Not easy, is it? While loud sweaters, cake assortments, and patterned socks will always carry a certain ironic panache, there’s something even more foolproof to give this year:  The gift of time….
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DocuSign Winner of Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award

DocuSign is thrilled to announce that our company is ranked #23 on the annual Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Awards, list of the Best Places to Work in 2017 among companies with more than 1,000 employees according…
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