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From the Trenches: Sign on Paper

While in general, it’s recommended to use DocuSign fully electronically, there are cases where it is preferred, or even necessary, to have a recipient sign a physical copy. In these cases, “Print and Sign” (WetSign…
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Ready to modernize your system of agreement?

By Lisa Predovich, Senior Program Manager, Global Learning Services, DocuSign DocuSign University can help Agreements are everywhere. They are the foundation of doing business. Yet in most cases, that foundation involves a mess of manual…
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Automation-Driven SecOps: Making Needles Pop-out of the Haystack

By Roland Dela Paz, Senior Information Security Engineer, DocuSign Recently, we talked about Pescatore – our in-house built Phishing classification system that was recently awarded as an honoree of the 2019 CSO50 Award from IDG’s…
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Native iOS Offline Templates SDK Released

At DocuSign, we’re committed to helping our customers and developers be as productive as possible. We’re continuously enhancing our products and making more features available. We listen to our customers and strive to alleviate their…
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DocuSign Go-Live Process Is Now Automated

Great News – we just made going live with the DocuSign API a whole lot faster! As you may know, DocuSign requires all integrations to go through a review process, which used to take days…
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Knowledge Market 2.0: Capitalizing on Your DocuSign Investment Just Got Even Simpler

Big news: The Knowledge Market got a revamp. While the Knowledge Market has always been an invaluable resource for capitalizing on your DocuSign investment through white papers, articles and more, it’s now even simpler to…
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Control: You Want It, We’ve Got It

When deploying the DocuSign web application, customers large and small often ask how they can control what people are sending. Customer Success Architect Roshel Van Der Grinten explains several options in “DocuSign Web Application Deployment: Maximum Control of the Sending Process”.

Announcing the DocuSign Customer Support Center!

When DocuSign set out to re-engineer the way we provide support, one of the key tenets we focused on was making it easier for you to get the information you needed, when and how you…
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Using Net Promoter Score to Retain Customers and Grow

Think of a time when you’ve gone to a store and the experience you received didn’t meet your expectations.  Now think of a different time where you were just “wowed!”  The range from disappointment to…
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Simplifying The Total Customer Experience

One of the reasons I joined the DocuSign team 5 months ago was the pure simplicity of DocuSign’s solution – it takes processes that were slow and cumbersome and makes them fast and easy to…
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