We’re T-minus 2 days from MOMENTUM’16. One of our favorite things about the conference is the excitement and buzz: People darting from session to session, keynotes to receptions. Whether you’re showing up and following your nose, or are a pre-planner to the core, here’s a look into which sessions you might find most beneficial based on your particular business wants and needs. Ready to build your journey?

Journey 1: For those new to DocuSign

New to DocuSign? Like, super new? That’s what DocuSign 101: Getting Started with DocuSign Electronic Signatures is for. In this session, you’ll develop the strong foundational skills you can later build upon to help ensure a successful digital transition for your business.

Journey 2: All things Real Estate

DocuSign allows real estate professionals the freedom to get work done without being tied to the office — which, in turn, means happier clients and the ability to close deals much more efficiently. Whether you’re just beginning your digital transformation or are already a seasoned pro, MOMENTUM’16 offers several real estate-specific sessions, such as, “Imagine Real Estate in 2021: Going Fully Digital,” “Making the digital transformation in real estate: importance of data management & control,” and “DocuSign Transactions Rooms in Real Estate.”

Journey 3: Innovate Health Care

Want to interact with patients anytime, anywhere? DocuSign enables you to deliver a higher standard of care by engaging your patients and collecting health information on mobile devices. With sessions like, “Getting From Purchase to Implementation,” you can start your digital transformation off on the right foot, while “The Digital Difference for Patient Care” provides attendees with the skills to use digital workflows, approvals, and signatures to help them make prompt decisions and ultimately provide patients wiht the treatment they need sooner.

Journey 4: Tips & Tricks for Sales

Being a great salesperson takes talent and tact. Closing deals faster takes a digital transformation. With sessions like, “Accelerating the Sales Cycle with Salesforce and DocuSign” and “Sales Organization Best Practices with DocuSign,” you’ll leave the conference with sharpened document management skills, and the tools to gain greater visibility into a deal’s status, eliminate errors, and best of all — the freedom to spend more time selling and less time tracking down signatures.

Journey 5: Banking in the Digital World

Banks that choose DocuSign streamline their account opening process. This not only boosts efficiency, but reduces operating costs, improves compliance requirements, and provides customers with a modern banking first impression. “Modern Day Banking,” attendees will hear from two customers who reduced transaction times by almost a week and increased their conversion rates — all while improving the customer experience.

Journey 6: Transform Government processes

Hundreds of local, state, federal, and international government customers choose DocuSign becuase it provides them with the digital solution constituents demand, and the security government organizations require. In “The Future of Digital Government,” a panel of state agencies and large counties will share their journey to a more efficient government by leveraging DocuSign — from the identification and prioritization of business processes to take digital, to tips for expanding the usage of DocuSign throughout government organizations, this session is ideal for government employees looking to improve security and efficiency in their day-to-day processes.

Journey 7: </hello-world>

Not gonna lie — you guys get the lion’s share in terms of career-specific breakouts. Developer Track will be offering the full spectrum of sessions — from “Getting Started with DocuSign API,” to “Automating DocuSign Workflow,” to “Advanced Forms and Fields,” to getting a sneak peek at the new product and API announced at MOMENTUM’16.

Now that you’ve got a glimpse into the MOMENTUM’16 agenda, see the full picture here.