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Author: Spencer Caldwell

Quick Tip – Reminders and Expirations

Using DocuSign, envelope senders have the ability to send reminders and set when envelopes will expire.  Reminders are a particularly useful DocuSign feature.  I’m sure you have come across people who need to be reminded…
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Quick Tip – Editing Templates

Two weeks ago, we showed you how to make templates for forms that are sent over and over to different people, but sometimes forms change.  Instead of creating an entirely new template, which could take…
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Quick Tip – Creating Templates

Templates are an excellent way to further streamline business processes and save even more time.  Once a tagging template is created, it will automatically populate a document with the same tags in the same locations. …
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Tweet Roundup

This week was a big week for DocuSign on Twitter.  We passed 10,000 followers!  Here is Mr. 10K.  We are very excited.  On to 20K! DocuSign was featured in the Salesforce.com AppExchange video.  Check it…
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Perceptive or Pompous?

What does my signature say about me?! Have you ever wondered what your signature says about you?  Every person’s signature is so unique.  Some are careful and curly, while others more closely resemble lumpy blobs…
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The Freedom to DocuSign Anything

The funny thing about DocuSign electronic signatures is that once it has been used once, more and more reasons to use it crop up everywhere. Even funnier, is how you can’t imagine living without it….
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