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Author: Robin Joy

Open for Business: Run Your Small Business Without Interruption

As the global community works to contain the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses have to adapt to remote work. Large companies have teams, tools, and plans in place for this, but small and local businesses—like real estate…
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5 Tips to Build a Women’s Employee Resource Group

Women are more powerful together—it’s a fact!—and creating opportunities for them to meet and collaborate creates a noticeable shift in the corporate cosmos. But how do you bottle that power? The answer for us at…
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Celebrate Earth Day & Switch From Paper to Pixels

What began in 1970 in the United States is now a global event – Earth Day is celebrated around the world on April 22. As a longtime Earth Day celebrant (as a kid I’d spend…
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DocuSign celebrates Earth Day, every day

Happy 43rd anniversary of Earth Day. At DocuSign we’re doing our part by using pixels instead of paper, saving millions of pages of paper every day. For me, it’s inspiring to be doing something with…
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