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Quick Tip Tuesday: Geolocation and DocuSign – What you need to know

Do I have to share my location information with DocuSign? Sharing your location information is a browser related setting that is not mandatory. DocuSign does not require that signers share their location information in order…
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Quick Tip Tuesday: I’ve signed my first document, now what? Creating a DocuSign account.

If you’ve never created a DocuSign account, but you’ve signed documents, DocuSign has automatically created a free recipient account for you. Recipient accounts are created for signers or ‘recipients’ as a free placeholder for the documents…
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Quick Tip Tuesday (Classic Tip): Reminders and Expirations

Using DocuSign, senders have the ability set when documents will expire. Reminders are a particularly useful DocuSign feature. Signers often need to be reminded multiple times to review some paperwork or sign a document before…
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Quick Tip Tuesday: Sharing documents in the New DocuSign Experience

With shared documents, users on the same account can view and take action on shared documents. Team members and delegates can help each other with document management tasks, such as sending reminders or correcting recipient…
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Quick Tip Throwback: Resetting user passwords in DocuSign

If you’ve forgotten your password, there are a few ways to request a password reset. As a user, you can request a password reset from the DocuSign site. To request a password reset as a…
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Quick Tip Tuesday: Adding a User in the New DocuSign Administration Experience

The New DocuSign Experience is proud to offer an improved administration experience for administrators of multi-user accounts. Functions like adding a user have never been easier! To add a user, follow these steps: From your DocuSign account,…
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Quick Tip Tuesday: Still using the Classic DocuSign Experience? Switch to the New DocuSign Experience today!

Does your DocuSign console look like this when you log in? If so, click one of the highlighted buttons to switch to the New DocuSign Experience today! With an improved look and feel, and an…
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