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Author: Larry Kluger

Enabling Signers to Update Their Data

Your application is integrated with DocuSign! You’re sending out documents to be signed, either via email or you’re using embedded signing. Life’s good. Then your LOB (Line of Business) internal client attended a Momentum conference…
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API Days – Paris

I attended and spoke at the API Days conference in Paris in December. Paris was a bit cold and damp compared to where I live, but the chocolate and food were great! The conference was…
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Adding Connect Webhooks to your Application

In Part I, Webhooks: Don’t Poll Us, We’ll Call You!, I discussed the benefits and reasons for using webhooks to alert your app when its envelopes or recipients have a status update. In this post,…
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Webhooks: Don’t Poll Us, We’ll Call You!

Your integration or app sends envelopes to recipients via email or by using embedded signing. Great! A common next step for developers is to enable their integration to automatically determine the status of their envelopes–has…
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Signature API Logging Made Easy

“Professionals are known by their tools.” And for debugging API integrations, an API logger is often a critical tool, showing you exactly the request that your application sent and the response it received. A new…
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Salesforce Recipes Now Available

For years, many Salesforce (SFDC) developers have integrated DocuSign APIs into their SFDC applications. Today we’re releasing several new recipes for the Salesforce and force.com platforms to provide additional help and code examples to our…
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Swagger to the Max

Over nine months ago, when we started planning how to create a new set of Software Development Kits (SDKs) and reference documentation for the DocuSign Signature REST API, one of the engineering managers here at…
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