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A Real Digital Hero Grows Business at DocuSign

We know that DocuSign customers are the champions of digitization and automation of business processes, accomplishing great things in the workplace.  And, over the next few months we will be publishing stories of their success. …
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“Grumpy” users can spoil your success.

Here are some digital ways to ensure you keep customers smiling. What’s one of the first things mentioned in a negative online product review? How hard the product was to use.  The ticked-off person freely…
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Bucket list: Drive a 4-ton tracked excavator

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had a fascination with big construction machinery. The massive steel monsters that can push around tons of earth, the high-rising cranes that spring up around sites, you get…
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How to Become a Digital Hero

There are Digital Heroes all around us. They are in cubicles and boardrooms, loading docks and data centers. These folks from all levels in the business take a chance on an idea of how to…
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There’s a Digital Hero in every one of us.

 We all know about those brave heroes in the news – saving kids from fires or jumping into swollen rivers to rescue a trapped driver. There is no taking away from their risking of life…
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Vacation Uninterrupted: Mobile’s for more than selfies with your mummy.

195.9 million Americans will travel over the summer. The most popular destinations? 40% will go to the beach. 34% will take an adventurous road trip. 21% will visit a National Park.  And, 50+% will scan…
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The welcome demise of the ink-based signature. And happy eSigning! You’ve seen the videos: kindergartners are given gadgets from “times gone by” to see if they can figure out what they are. You know, those…
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