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Author: Doug Seward

The Rise of the Sourcing Bot

Can a purchase order have a brain?  What happens if we layer Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and robotics with common procurement documents and traditional sourcing practices? To boot, YOU can configure, design and implement solutions thanks to a number of…
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The 21st Century Sourcing Pro

TECHNOLOGY is pushing us in new ways and at a pace not seen since the birth of the Internet (way back in the 90s). Yet strategic-thinking and processes for procurement were formed well before this. So…
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The Secrets Every Supply Chain and Sourcing Pro Should Know

Taking inspiration from "Corner Office: conversations about leadership and management" from the New York Times and Inc. Magazine's "The Way I Work", DocuSign is featuring Procurement/Supply Chain leaders in this blog series. I’m pleased to…
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Reveling in Innovation: 3 Ways Procurement Won at Dreamforce ’14

The gravity of Dreamforce is undeniable for sales, service, and tech innovators.  Keynotes, breakout sessions, and philanthropy at a rock star level were invigorating. For Procurement pros, it’s four days to color our innovation calendars. Let’s…
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Are You Inspired to Drive Procurement into the Future?

So what exactly is thought leadership?  One point of view comes from Daniel Rasmus of HiveMind.  In his article The Golden Rules For Creating Thoughtful Thought Leadership, Dan writes that it’s powerful to see Thought…
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