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It’s time to rethink HR’s digital toolkit, from hire to retire

By Teja Vora, Director, Commercial Marketing, DocuSign Hiring, onboarding, and retaining great people is the basis of growing a successful business. It’s a big responsibility that falls largely to HR. Despite HR’s critical role in…
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Why Automating HR Processes Is Key To Recruiting Top Talent

By Ira Wolfe, President of Success Performance Solutions It seems like it’s getting harder and harder to recruit top talent. The unemployment rate is at a historical low, yet that still doesn’t account for all…
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7 Ways DocuSign Can Help K-12 Schools Do More with Less

The technological landscape is changing for K-12 schools. With higher expectations from parents, students, teachers, staff and partners, and limited resources to meet these changing needs, K-12 schools are looking for a way to make…
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We’re Live with the DocuSign Summer ’19 Release!

By Mindy Park, Product Marketing Manager, DocuSign We’re in full swing with Momentum, our annual conference, where we’re unveiling new product innovation directly to 1,500 customers, developers and partners. Today, we’re also excited to launch…
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DocuSign Joins Forces with the Accord Project

By Heather Petersen, Senior Director, Trust Strategy and Marketing, DocuSign As technology continues to advance, we’re going to see agreements become increasingly “smart,” eliminating the inefficiencies that are common to traditional contract creation and management….
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Are you personalizing your customers’ agreement experience?

Many organizations are already accelerating the process of signing contracts and other customer agreements by using electronic signature technology—and it’s a huge time saver. Unfortunately, the process of preparing those agreements for signature is still…
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When Agreement Just Clicks

By Hal Marcus, Global Legal Evangelist, DocuSign There’s a new type of electronic signature in town. Actually, strike that: it’s far from new. In fact you likely do it every day and have been for…
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A Day in the Life at DocuSign Chicago & Warrenville

Day in the Life of DocuSign Chicago and Warrenville. 2 Days. 140 images. Want to know what it is like to work at DocuSign? Check out this behind-the-scenes portrait of the DocuSign team in action.

Accelerate the claims process and delight your customers

By Steve Krause, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Product Marketing, DocuSign We’ve all become accustomed to one-click shopping, one-click ridesharing and one-click home buying. Companies like Amazon, Uber and Rocket Mortgage are rewriting the rules…
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Ready to modernize your system of agreement?

By Lisa Predovich, Senior Program Manager, Global Learning Services, DocuSign DocuSign University can help Agreements are everywhere. They are the foundation of doing business. Yet in most cases, that foundation involves a mess of manual…
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