Let’s call for a vote.

If you could directly influence how government offices – at the state and local levels – manage daily paperwork on behalf of constituents, which of the following would grab your vote?

Tradition or Next Generation?

Traditionally, government offices manage transactions, like passport applications, via paper. And if sensitive data – social security numbers and addresses – is essential for the respective tasks, you’d understandably vie for a tried and true process. Why risk it?

But you’re risking it.

Sticking with paper means you’ll endure longer wait times and a constant leap of faith everything will go smoothly. The government officials and clerks also hope for smooth sailing, as the truth is that countless numbers of constituents rely on government offices for services and transactions.

Those numbers shoot higher everyday and the fear of taking care of everyone’s needs is very valid.

Sticking to paper may be the traditional route, but it doesn’t set anyone up for success.

So why is Next Generation the logical choice?

When you dump paper and in favor of digital platforms – think electronic signatures and sending forms via a digital transaction management platform – a few things happen:

1. Accountability – automated tracking for any workflow and transaction. All stakeholders – signers, officiates, administrators, etc., have transparent visibility into statuses and activity.

2.Resources that Work – No one wants the frustration that comes with a faulty scanner or fax machine; paper-jams alone whirl a ripple effect of delays in transactions or workflows. Digital platforms come hand-in-hand with services and support to ensure all runs more smoothly than butter.

3.Flexibility – Digital platforms easily extend to mobile platforms and open up opportunities to serve constituents at their convenience. If a constituent or official is on the road and needs to sign a document, they can whip out a mobile device and eSign in a second.

4.Leverage the Future – The side of effect of dumping paper is ripping open the opportunities to take advantage of current technologies and communication methods.

5.Serve the People, not Paper – Government is for the people and by the people. And the people are empowered by digital means. It’s high time that digital tools and platforms become the universal standard in government offices the nation over.

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