We kicked off the new year with our first Ask The Expert webinar of 2015 last week which had a lot of great questions asked by our customers. You can watch the webinar on demand now for any of those that may have missed it. We covered as many questions as we could in the time that we had. I’ve provided the answers to the more in depth questions below with the relevant resources to help you ensure you are getting the most out of DocuSign.
Spaces are filling up fast for our Ask The Expert webinar in February so don’t forget to register!
1) Can I limit who sees the templates?
Yes, you can limit who sees your templates in two ways. You can select who to share your template with on an individual user basis or on a group basis.  For example if you have several different departments in your organisation (Sales, Finance, Legal etc.), you can set these groups in DocuSign and then select the appropriate group for the template. Alternatively you can choose the individual users you want to access the template. You can find some more information on how to set up groups on our website.
2) Can I have more than one document in a template?
Yes, you can add as many documents as you want to a template. You can upload the documents by browsing from your computer or by choosing an online document. Browsing from your computer allows you to choose a document saved on your computer in any format (Word doc, pdf etc) to upload. Choosing an online document will let you choose a document from an online drive such as Box or Dropbox.
To move a document up or down in the order of appearance, click on the grip icon (Description: https://www.docusign.co.uk/supportdocs/cdse-user-guide/Content/Resources/Images/Icon-Grip_14x18.png) associated with the document and drag the document to the new location.
You can also remove a document by clicking the remove icon (Description: https://www.docusign.co.uk/supportdocs/cdse-user-guide/Content/Resources/Images/Icon-Close_18x18.png) associated with that document.
3) Can I send a different message to each recipient?
You can compose individual messages to each of your recipients in the email message section. Select the ‘Customise email and signing language for each recipient’ link to edit what you would like to send to each person in the workflow. You can customise the email subject and write a bespoke message to everyone receiving the envelope. The language can also be changed here however DocuSign will not translate the message into the assigned language. More details can be found here:
4) What about the New Experience?
Free and Individual plan customers will receive access to the New DocuSign Experience exclusively. Professional paid plan customers have access to both the classic and new experiences and can switch between the two.
For customers on a managed account, if the New DocuSign Experience is enabled, from the classic experience users can switch to the new experience by clicking ‘Switch to New’ in the top right hand corner of the console.
Once in the New Experience, users can switch back to the Classic experience using the drop down menu in the top right hand corner and selecting ‘Switch to Classic’.
More information around the features of the new experience can be found on our website.
5) How does Sign in Person work?
Sign in person allows for an envelope to be signed without having to send the document to your signer. The envelope sender will ‘host’ the signing session and with both sender and signer in the same location the signing can take place. Add the email address of the signing host and select Sign in person under action.
6) Data fields with prefilled information
You can enter information onto your document before you send it in a couple of ways. After dragging the data field onto the document you can either type directly into the box or enter your text into the ‘initial value’ field of the tag properties. The field can then be ‘locked’ to prevent it from being edited by a recipient.
7) How can I collect my data in the correct format?
You can format your data fields to ensure that your recipients enter any required information in the correct format. This can be done by applying the correct Regex pattern to the data field. Regex patterns can be found by conducting an internet search of Regex patterns. A popular website is http://regexlib.com/?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1.
Simply search for the expression you would like, for example Date or NI number, and then copy and paste the expression into the Regex field of the tag properties. The field mask will need to be set to Text for a Regex pattern to be applied
8) PowerForms – Do PowerForms take up envelopes in the same way as normal?
Yes, a PowerForm will use your envelope allowance in the same way as if you were to send them yourself through the console. It is therefore important to make sure that you limit the number of times the PowerForm can be accessed to prevent over usage. More PowerForm information can be found –