Last weekend DocuSign sponsored AngelHack, a unique hackathon that brought together 2,500 developers in 11 cities all around the world together for a global competition, where they learn developer tools, start new companies, and win prizes and funding for their ideas.
DocuSign has been a sponsor of AngelHack from the very first event a year ago, and we’ve been very excited to help early-stage startups go paperless and build better Apps.  About 30% of the finalists find funding and go on to build new Silicon Valley startups.
This time DocuSign had two winners: Iqbal Barikzai and Peter Ma.  Peter has been creating apps on DocuSign’s platform for the last couple of years.  Iqbal just learned about DocuSign’s API on Saturday and produced an application by Sunday 2PM.

This is a photo of Mike Borozdin and Iqbal who built a simple form application targeted at School districts.  In his presentation Iqbal said that he is “taking out the middle man”  – the 7-year-old kids who don’t take school forms to their parents.

This is a photo of Peter Ma and Mike Borozdin.  Peter created an application that allows you to quickly take DocuSign documents and mail them out using physical mail.  The application takes a DocuSigned envelope and creates a physical envelope in case the final destination doesn’t take email or faxes.

Great job Peter, Iqbal and other competitors who worked through the night to create amazing applications using DocuSign API.  You can build an application using our eSignature platform too by going to