All Things D’s conferences have a history of bringing attention and energy to trends and new ideas—last week’s D11 was no exception.  Under the direction of Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, this event is a real who’s-who of industry leaders who gather to share ideas, network and have fun.  Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, Apple’s Tim Cook, Box’s Aaron Levie, and Sony’s Kaz Hirai were just a few of the top executives who joined this year.

Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers General Partner (and DocuSign Board Member) Mary Meeker gave her always-anticipated annual presentation on the State Of The Internet.  Mary is famous for cramming more information into a 20-minute presentation than most can deliver in an hour, and she was the ONLY person at the event who was allowed to even USE slides.

One of the clear trends Mary called out is the continuing explosion in mobile internet access.  With smartphone users reaching for their phone 150 times a day, we are seeing usage like no other technology. One slide showed that smartphone users ”feel” great about using these devices – in a survey, the reported feeling “Connected + Excited + Curious / Interested + Productive.” Today there are 1.5 billion smartphone users growing at 31%, and there are many places where mobile internet access literally skipped over the PC platform all together.  The newest mobile form factor, the tablet has a higher growth rate than smartphones experienced in their first five years, and in just 3 years surpassed notebooks and PCs – in Q4 of last year.

This dramatic move to mobile that Mary discusses is core to DocuSign’s business, and we are seeing it in our user base.  The reason mobile is so important to DocuSign users is that it delivers the ultimate in speed and convenience. Tablets are the same size as a page, have a touch screen for signing and navigation, and are constantly connected. This is a PERFECT delivery platform for signing in the cloud.  (It does not hurt that users are checking their smartphones 150 times a day either!)

The increased mobility of people and their transactions is in the process of overturning hundreds of years of business tradition as they move from the physical world to cloud-based platforms.  In the last ten years alone we have already seen tremendous upheaval in the publishing, music and delivery businesses, just to use popular examples.

DocuSign is built to be mobile because our customers are mobile.  No matter if you are a business and need to automate a paper process, or if you are a consumer and simply need to sign documents others send you, we have an award-winning mobile solution for you.

The importance of eSignature to the mobile future is supported by the progress we see in our business. I’ll repeat a couple of our favorite fun facts here: More than 37 million DocuSigners have signed more than 310 million documents in more than 188 countries, and more than 30% of these are mobile. More than 60,000 unique new DocuSigners DocuSign for the first time every day, and we expect to see this double by the end of the year. The use of the DocuSign network is literally being driven forward by huge trends such as social networking and the mobile internet.  Hold on tight!

Be sure to check out Mary’s full State of the Internet presentation. Please share your own thoughts on the future of mobile business in the comments