My secret to sprinting from conference to conference with more energy than espresso-infused Rock Star? “Adrenaline, pure adrenaline.”

The truth? Adrenaline might get me out the door, but it doesn’t keep the pep in my step all day. It's time to spill the beans on what really keeps me going.

I’m a lanyard-totting conference veteran and when it comes to energy boosters, I have whittled down my list of saviors to the following top 3:

  • Squeeze of Life:

Start off the morning with a fresh juice from Pressed Juicery (PS – they’re here with us at Dreamforce!)

When time is wishful thinking, I need an elixir of nutrients to flush my blood stream and supercharge my senses. I am all about convenience, so while some prefer to shop organic and squeeze their own juices, I leave it to the professionals at Pressed Juicery. My favorite? Citrus 3. The grapefruit gives me the vitamin C and thirst quench I crave and the mint helps with headaches and nausea, just in case you raged a little too hard at The Standard, DocuSign After Party (it’s on Tuesday night).

  •  Kit It Out:

Always, always pack a mini-survival kit before you take off for a conference

Two must haves in my survivor kit?

1. Snacks. Sure conferences cater or are close to cafés, but remember that sessions are long and you’re often running around. And what if the food buffet hides behind a mile long line?

Always pack your favorite trail mix, nuts or energy bars.

2. Flip Flops. Now this may only pertain to women, but most conferences are not secluded to one building and often leave you jogging down various streets from building to building to catch your next session. Pack a pair of flip-flops!

Other kit essentials: water, Advil, Tide to go, hand sanitizer, floss, and lotion (all conference rooms tend to be dry, don’t torture your skin!).

  • Coffee – Enough Said:

I don't need to go on about the magic liquid that is coffee, but here is a must-know insider tip:  When you are at Starbucks (a DocuSign customer!), order a dark roast coffee with two pumps of mocha. Most Starbucks cashiers will fulfill the order for you instead of pushing your drink down the line of baristas. Every second counts while you are at a conference; don’t let the coffee line drag you down!

Well, there you have it – my secret energy boosters that help me rock out at any conference.

Not that I’ve revealed my secrets, it’s time to share yours. 

What are your conference energy boosters? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter via #DF14S 

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