Jessica Franksen, Vice President of Operations at StackCommerce, a native commerce platform for publishers based in Venice Beach, took the time to explain to us how her sales team has been able to realize dramatic performance gains by integrating DocuSign and Conga with Salesforce.

Below are some highlights from our conversation.  To hear more tips and tricks on increasing your team’s productivity, check out the recording of our May 16th webinar “Spring into Action: Turbocharge How You Use Salesforce with DocuSign and Conga”, where Jessica shared best practices and lessons learned on boosting productivity.

Tell me a little bit about StackCommerce? 

Jessica: StackCommerce was founded in 2011 in Venice, California with the mission of connecting publishers and their audience with products and brands they will love. Due to the decline of traditional ad revenues, publishers are facing immense monetization challenges, and we’re able to address this with our commerce solution. We have over 750 publishers and operate 200 fully branded publisher e-commerce shops where readers can purchase proprietary deals secured from over 2,500 brands through unique commerce content.

 What did StackCommerce’s sales processes look like 2 years ago before integrating Salesforce, DocuSign, and Conga? 

 Jessica: At StackCommerce, we have two very important sales teams: our business and product. Prior to transitioning to Salesforce, DocuSign, and Conga, these teams were operating as separate entities and had very little visibility into each other’s pipelines and sales cycles. There was a huge opportunity to increase visibility into the sales process, and allow these two vital teams to collaborate in a manner that would inevitably increase team revenue and efficiency as a whole.

Did you have experience with eSignatures at the time? 

Jessica: We did. But the product we were using lacked some basic functionality and caused our sales team to waste a lot of time and effort sending out contracts. The process was inefficient and overly-manual; there was too much copy paste and outdated information floating around. We needed to increase efficiency and accuracy in the sales process and stop unnecessarily leaving money on the table.

Have you noticed any improvement in the workflow since implementation? 

Jessica: DocuSign, Conga, and Salesforce, together, have allowed us to automate and increase the accuracy in our sales workflow. With the new process in place, our sales team only needs to press one button to populate all the information they need to send a contract. It’s a mind blowing change! This single automation is saving our sales team immense amounts of time by eliminating administrative work, reducing errors from data entry, and preventing deals from falling through the cracks. As a result, we’ve quadrupled productivity per sales rep.

Has this automation brought any other unexpected benefits to StackCommerce? 

Jessica: Our contracts used to get lost in customers’ spam folders, causing us to lose out on some amazing opportunities. With the new workflow, we don’t have to worry about that anymore! We’re even getting signed contracts back same day, when it used to take weeks.

Perhaps most importantly, all our teams company-wide now have access to the information they need to do their jobs. For example, supply chain needs to know metrics around lead time, and finance needs the negotiated details around revenue share. Now everyone associated can go directly into DocuSign for Salesforce to access contracts and any information they need.

As a result, we’ve seen a huge increase in overall employee satisfaction. The team is able to make a bigger impact in their jobs because they can finally focus on selling rather than administration. DocuSign, Conga, and Salesforce have given our employees the power to get their work done quickly and efficiently, and that goes a long way in enhancing not just productivity, but team morale.

Do you have any plans for more digital transformation in the future? 

Jessica: We are really excited to expand our use of DocuSign, Conga, and Salesforce so that we can realize the benefits across the company.

To hear more about StackCommerce’s digital transformation and learn how you can increase productivity by automating your workflow with Conga and DocuSign for Salesforce watch the webinar here.