Accelerate Your Career by Becoming an Agreement Cloud Expert


Get DocuSign skills. Earn badges. Share your success.

The DocuSign Agreement Cloud ecosystem is full of innovators, problem solvers, knowledge seekers and life-long learners. As an agreement pioneer, you are a very important part of this movement helping businesses transform agreements—and the sole reason behind why we created a whole new cloud category. Because of that, we wanted to honor you with a dedicated program to bring our community of skilled experts together, recognize the transformational work you’re doing, and share your success!

Put your Agreement Cloud product skills to the test—literally—and showcase your DocuSign Agreement Cloud expertise to the world. Distinguish yourself in this highly innovative ecosystem and obtain Agreement Expert status on an array of subjects—from DocuSign eSignature and DocuSign CLM to partner integrations like Intelligent Insights by Seal and Guided Forms by Intelledox—by participating today.

Whether you’re a prospective, new or seasoned DocuSign user—there is a learning path and exam tailored to your skill level and preferred style of learning. 

Launch into your specialist journey with DocuSign eSignature

We recommend any new DocuSign user to start with the basics—our Template Specialists, eSignature Administration and Agreement Cloud badges. Having the foundational skills and product knowledge will help you jumpstart your career as an Agreement expert and fast-track your organization’s success with the platform.   

In order to prepare for exams, there are a few learning path options: deep dive instructor-led courses, self-paced learning or you can take a mixture of both. The self-paced learning pathway is accessible at any time, anywhere. With a handful of different formats—videos, whitepapers, worksheets—you can even tackle learning on your morning commute. 

Already mastered eSignature? We’ve got your next challenge 

Advanced DocuSign users have the option of taking more challenging exams on more complex solutions your organization may be using—such as DocuSign CLM and Intelligent Insights. While you can definitely prepare for one of these exams with our self-paced path, consider taking one of our deep dive courses. These instructor-led classes—delivered either in-person or virtually—are great for more complex topics that require deeper skill-building. The hands-on practical application through deep dive courses gives you the opportunity to see your use cases in action before deployment. Additionally, the classroom setting will provide some added confidence when working with these complex products and integrations. 

An added bonus, if your team has taken any one of our handful of deep dive courses in the last year, you may be eligible to take the specialist exam immediately.

Deepen your skills as product capabilities evolve

The Expertise Recognition Program will continue to expand as our platform evolves. Core courses and curriculum will also go through yearly updates as product functionality changes so that existing users will benefit from getting a “refresher” as well as learn new things to sharpen and advance your skills, plus help your organization stay at the forefront of agreement transformation. 

Make sure to highlight your accomplishments by sharing your digital badges with your followers and connections on social media to showcase your product expertise and distinguish yourself from others in the workforce. 

Join the Agreement Cloud movement and get started on your journey to becoming an Agreement Expert by visiting: If you have taken any deep dive courses within the last year and would like to take our specialist exam, please reach out to your account team directly. 

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