Had you gone to Ocean Beach in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago, you would’ve seen an unusual sight: Hundreds of DocuSign employees, friends and family cleaning up the beach and, upon completion, signing their names in the sand.

From our Chief Marketing Officer, Brad Brooks, to our SVP of Web and Mobile Business, Robin Joy, there was no shortage of tenacious DocuSigners winding down from MOMENTUM’16 while doing good — and having a little fun. (Doodling in the sand is so underrated.)

By the end of the day, the beach was significantly cleaner, and even sported some temporary yet elaborate sand art: the “DocuSign and Go” logo.

But let’s rewind: While our “Brand in the Sand” excursion was DocuSign IMPACT’s latest project to contribute to the community, it also marks an important milestone: DocuSign IMPACT has been around for one whole year.

In early 2015, it was only an idea.  As that idea became a reality, DocuSign IMPACT began sending out teams all over the world to help give back to their respective communities. From Seattle, to San Francisco, to Tel Aviv, to London, DocuSign employees have ventured out in small but mighty teams to help plant trees, build houses, clean up green spaces, ladle soup, tidy horse stables, and more.  We also initiated our DocuSign for Nonprofits program, helping thousands of nonprofits accelerate their move to digital with on DocuSign.

More highlights from our first year of IMPACT can be seen here:

While getting away from one’s desk and really connecting with coworkers is a reward in and of itself (there’s nothing to get a conversation going like plucking trash, side by side for hours, on a frigid beach), the real objective of DocuSign IMPACT is to use our time, treasure and technology to transform charitable organizations.

In the year ahead, DocuSign IMPACT will continue this effort in new and innovative ways, working with great nonprofits like Special Olympics, to help them prepare for their 2017 Winter Games in Austria, and Team Rubicon UK, to aid in their deployments in the wake of humanitarian disasters.  Additionally, over 1,000 of our employees will volunteer their time with a range of worthy causes, and the company will host its second Global IMPACT Day in November.  

We have a lot to look forward to in the years to come, as we imagine the IMPACT we can make together!