As 2015 gets into full swing, individuals and businesses alike are implementing plans for a more prosperous year. When it comes to business, sales teams are especially focused on making smart changes each year – changes that allow them to do business more quickly and efficiently. With sales organizations investing in CRM more than ever in 2015, one of the best strategies is to eliminate administrative paperwork and go digital.

By eliminating paper-based transactions, companies save valuable resources, including time, employee productivity, shipping and printing costs. Every minute a sales pro spends completing paperwork and chasing contract sign-offs means less time spent closing business. With the goal of leaving paper behind forever, we’re sharing five ways DocuSign for Salesforce allows sales teams to close deals faster:

1.Reduce contract turnaround time

By allowing reps to send out contracts for approval on the turn of a dime, DocuSign ensures sales teams can close more deals in less time. As a key example, Salesforce reduced their own contract turnaround time from 14 days to an average of less than one day. Not to mention, the integration can increase close rates by up to 30 percent.

2.Cut operating costs on every document

When it comes to CRM, each and every document sent out for signature using DocuSign cuts operating costs. Since the platform automatically reminds clients to sign, and allows them to sign on any device, sales teams spend far less time chasing signatures. We’ve even quantified the savings – it comes out to around $28 per document on average. If your business has a high volume of paper-based transactions, the savings can add up quickly!

3.Drive CRM usage across the organization

Companies invest huge sums on their CRM systems and rely on sales teams to use them effectively. Tools like DocuSign simplify the sales process, reduce cycle time, and actively drive CRM usage across the team. We’ve seen Fortune 500 companies increase CRM usage by as much as 300% simply by implementing DocuSign.

4.Improve data accuracy

When clients fill out and sign documents using DocuSign, that data automatically populates their Salesforce records. And vice-versa, any changes in Salesforce will automatically update the forms and contracts sent to clients. That accuracy can help eliminate the errors that cost sales organizations valuable time and money when they need to be fixed.

5.Leverage mobile platforms

DocuSign loves mobile! When a contract is sent out with DocuSign for Salesforce, the client can sign from any device at any time. Likewise, DocuSign is Salesforce1 ready, so it can be implemented directly into your sales team’s mobile workflow. Everything lives in the cloud so your team can operate lean and mean.

Don’t delay – take your sales team fully digital in 2015! Join us for a webinar, “DocuSign for Salesforce: How to get the most out of your CRM” on Tuesday, January 27th to see how the integration can speed up your sales process while delighting your customers.