DocuSign and eOriginal are partnering to bring you going paperless best practices in our upcoming webinar, Going Paperless: A Checklist for Electic Success. In advance of our webinar, we’ve asked Allison Isett, Director of Marketing with eOriginal to share her top 5 tools that help eOriginal delight customers.

I’m excited to share some feedback on how eOriginal’s advanced eVaulting technology delivers many advantages to customers. If you’re not familiar with eOriginal, they provide powerful electronic solutions that help customers protect the value and integrity of their electronic documents throughout the entire document lifecycle.

Their unique software helps individuals in a variety of industries, including equipment leasing, finance, healthcare, alarm security, credit unions, auto finance, and consumer finance, among others. The 5 tools below show how eOriginal’s technology is helping businesses eliminate storage costs and speed time to funding.

1.)  Command Center: Advanced Electronic Vault.

The eOriginal electronic vault is built to comply with legal requirements for managing eSigned documents. Their vault securely manages the Electronic Original® document, and it provides dynamic access and retrieval of non-authoritative copies to any authorized user, such as lenders, document custodians, investors, auditors and legal counsel. The tamper sealed Electronic Original document remains in the protected care of the eVault system, resulting in customers being able to quickly and easily find, audit, pool, collateralize, securitize or transfer signed electronic documents.

2.)  Create and Manage eChattel Paper: Allowing Users to Securitize, Collateralize or Pledge

To clear up any confusion, Chattel Paper is a legal term meaning ‘a writing or writings that evidence both a financial obligation and a security interest in or a lease of specific goods’. In many instances, chattel paper will consist of a negotiable instrument combined with a security agreement. When a transaction is evidenced both by a security agreement or a lease and by an instrument or a group of instruments, the group of writings taken together establishes chattel paper.  eOriginal’s mobile technology within their Command Center (or electronic vault) allows its customers to securitize, and create electronic chattel paper from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

3.)  Transfer Records Between Custodians

A core feature in an electronic vault is giving users the ability to transfer control of an Electronic Original document between parties. What customers love about eOriginal’s solution is that they not only have the ability to transfer between third parties, but they can also participate in vault-to-vault transfers where they can pool and securitize their contracts maintained in different locations in accordance with the x9.110-TOLEC standard, keeping them enforceable, admissible and negotiable.

4.)  Working with Paper-Based Parties

Customers of eOriginal are appreciative that they do not have to worry about working with companies who have not yet gone paperless. Using the Paper In®, Paper Out®, and Certified Print® tools within their solution, customers are able to transition documents created, signed and stored in paper format to legally compliant and enforceable Electronic Original® documents. Conversely they can also transition from an electronically signed document to a legally admissible and transferable paper original.

5.)  Accelerating Business Processes

In an age where business is faster and more efficient than ever before, customers automating paper-based business methods are saving time and money. eOriginal helps these organizations manage their electronic transactions, However they’ve recently teamed up with DocuSign and are delighting their joint customers by solving their paper challenges by giving them an easy, fast, and secure way to sign, send and manage their electronic documents anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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