For any enterprise invested in the Microsoft ecosystem, DocuSign is a great way to drive productivity while delivering an exceptional experience to both users and customers. In fact, Microsoft Corporation itself is a longtime DocuSign customer, using DocuSign in more than 100 use cases around the world. However, what makes DocuSign stand out isn’t just a stellar user experience that integrates directly into Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and Windows Phone – it’s also what’s under the hood (and in the cloud).

DocuSign is built on a foundation of bank-grade security and compliance that extends across the enterprise and to Microsoft platforms. As the 100% digital office becomes a reality, DocuSign has also pioneered the international xDTM standard, which ensures the safety and accessibility of cloud-based transactions. Not coincidentally, the same trends in mobility, and cloud tech that necessitate xDTM will be a big part of the conversation at MOMENTUM 2015, DocuSign’s annual conference in San Francisco. (Learn more at the bottom of this post.)

Here are 5 reasons IT security professionals love DocuSign for Microsoft:

Fast integration, easy authentication

Integration with Azure Active Directory is seamless, so users can access DocuSign using their existing company credentials or Office 365 logins. And once a user sends out a document for signature – directly from Word, Outlook, SharePoint, or Dynamics CRM – you’ll have a wide array of options to authenticate each of the signers. Multi-faceted verification of signing events and anti-tampering controls enhance the security of the transaction.

Comprehensive digital audit trail

DocuSign offers a comprehensive digital audit trail so confidentiality is assured the moment a document is sent out for signature. This is the same kind of security you’d see for bank transactions.


International compliance & certifications

If you’re supporting an enterprise with a global footprint, DocuSign makes it easy to ensure compliance and enforceability across the world. With presence in 188 countries, DocuSign offers world-class legal protection of eSignatures. The platform is also designed to support IT security frameworks with the most stringent certifications and tests in the industry, including ISO 27001 certification, SSAE 16 examination, PCI DSS 2.0 compliance, TRUSTe adherence, and compliance with U.S. Department of Commerce Safe Harbor policies.

Carrier-grade availability

DocuSign’s 99.99% uptime extends to every implementation and device. This unparalleled availability makes it a great match for both on-premise and cloud-based Microsoft tools.

Administrative controls

As many organizations move closer to IT as a Service models, DocuSign offers scalable and efficient administrative controls to ensure the security of documents and eSignature transactions. You can manage users and configure settings from your existing Active Directory, SharePoint, Dynamics and Office 365 tools. We’ve also built document management into the platform, so you can decide where DocuSigned documents are stored and who has access.

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We also invite you to join us at MOMENTUM 2015 in San Francisco for a look into future of business, including deep dives into IT security and Microsoft integrations! Relevant sessions include IT as a Transformation Agent: Promoting And Managing Change with DocuSign, Securing Your Cloud Infrastructure, and Harnessing the Power of DocuSign Integrations and API’s.