Summer is almost here. Whether your heart is set on attending the opera in Vienna, the theater in London, or island hopping in Greece, we applaud your adventurous spirit — and have a few handy suggestions for saving time and money some extra funds as well as time while jetsetting this summer:

Use DocuSign to sublet your apartment.

While any process that involves the word “lease” is notoriously headache-inducing, DocuSign makes subletting simple and efficient. Say hello to galavanting across the globe without the burden of paying for an empty apartment.

Simply have a talk with your landlord or building manager (if you have one) and upload your property’s standard sublet agreement to the DocuSign app. Et voila — the only difficult part? Selecting your subletter.

Save important travel documents (passport and visa copies) in the new DocuSign Transaction Rooms for easy offline viewing.

Climbing the old city wall in Estonia and get stopped by the border police? Keep a copy of your passport in the DocuSign app, and show them so you don’t get in trouble.

Sign and send over any pre-travel applications such as TSA Pre-check or even better, Global Entry.

Because isn’t getting to the gate sooner always a good thing?

DocuSign that speedy vespa insurance and rental fee.

If you’re going to see Rome then what better way to do so than from a vespa? DocuSign your insurance and rental paperwork and before you know it you’ll be zipping around town.

Keeping all the above in mind gives you the freedom to explore the following in your country of choice:

  • Getting lost on a cobble-stoned street with stunning baroque architecture
  • Piling in line for the best selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower
  • Hitting the ski slopes in Bolivia
  • Napping in an unfurbished stable near the Colosseum 
  • Backpacking across Scotland
  • Exploring an underground club in East Berlin
  • Volunteering at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand
  • Buying all things pink and googly-eyed in the Tokyo Ginza District

…just to name a few ideas.

Ready to embrace the wanderlust ? See how DocuSign can help you batten down the hatches at home before you take off.