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WSU CrimsonCode 2018 Hackathon Recap

Seven DocuSign engineers- Stephen Parish, David Miller, Brice Lwo, Mark Ramasco, Kiah Jones, Alyssa Pavao and myself- all from the Seattle office, headed out to Washington State University’s (WSU) Crimson Code Hackathon to participate as…
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DocuSign Reaches Another Milestone in Global Expansion with BCR Approval  

By Reggie Davis, General Counsel, Chief Privacy Officer It is an exciting day for DocuSign’s 300,000 customers and our hundreds of millions of users across the globe, as we announce the approval of our applications for…
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Spring Break for Teachers, Students, and Parents in the Digital Age

They say time is even more valuable than money — because you can get more money, but you can never get more time. Or can you? It’s no secret that all around the world, businesses…
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The digital mortgage is here. What does that mean for you?

As discussed in our last post on digital mortgage, we are in the midst of transformational change. Factors such as legal frameworks, increased processing costs, and evolving borrower expectations set the stage for true digital…
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Making an IMPACT at GKO with Family House

Making an IMPACT at GKO: Family House By Megan Soldati, Recruiting Events and Programs Specialist For four years, DocuSign IMPACT has selected a nonprofit to feature at our annual Global Kick-off (GKO). This year, we…
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Favorite Quotes by Women from Women at DocuSign in Celebration of International Women’s Day

Last Sunday, during the 90th Academy Awards ceremony, Nike aired an advertisement featuring Serena Williams saying “I’m proving time and time again that there’s no wrong way to be a woman.” As the ad ends,…
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We are live with the DocuSign Spring ‘18 Release!

Agreements are everywhere. In fact, I bet you can easily identify at least one area where you can digitize existing paper-based processes. Even if you’re the boss and the only employee of your one-person business…
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