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Knowledge Market: DSU Self-Paced Courses

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Wise words, Mr. Franklin. While life’s most powerful tools are also simple,  the most effective technology solutions are those that provide a greater wealth of possibility the more…
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Realizing Your Procurement Potential: The Steps to a Full Digital Transformation

By Fred Raker, Copywriter, Demand Generation  As a procurement professional, you’ve got a lot on your plate. And if you’re still operating with paper-based processes, it’s rather obvious to even the casual observer that your…
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DocuSign and MetaJure Join Efforts to Boost Efficiencies in Law Firms and Legal Departments

By Leslie Meagley, VP of Marketing, Metajure DocuSign and MetaJure share the same mission: using technology advancements to make our customers more productive and efficient. So, it was natural for MetaJure and DocuSign to team…
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DocuSign is a Lifesaver for the Home Industry—Here’s Why

By Erin Vaughan  We don’t exactly live in the Matrix yet, but homes are definitely getting the digital treatment. Every step in a home’s lifecycle has been touched by technology—from the first construction to the…
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Congratulations Class of 2017: How to Hit the Ground Running with DocuSign

Cue Pomp and Circumstance: Graduation is just around the corner, and the Class of 2017 has grown up in a fully digital age. Most have never known a life without a mobile device in hand, communicating…
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Accelerating Revenue Through Sales Process Automations: A Conversation with Jessica Franksen, VP of Operations at StackCommerce

Jessica Franksen, Vice President of Operations at StackCommerce, a native commerce platform for publishers based in Venice Beach, took the time to explain to us how her sales team has been able to realize dramatic…
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Onboarding with SharePoint Workflows

DocuSign for SharePoint Server 2013 and 2016 workflow actions integrate with the SharePoint 2010 workflow engine to let you automate common tasks and standardize processes. Such workflows can be executed based on different SharePoint triggers. For…
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