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Happy New Year: The Top 5 DocuSign Blog Posts of 2016

The time has almost come to say goodbye to 2016. Here at DocuSign, it’s been a monumental year full of milestones. But before we break out the bubbly, don our masquerade masks, gaze upon the…
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Enabling Signers to Update Their Data

Your application is integrated with DocuSign! You’re sending out documents to be signed, either via email or you’re using embedded signing. Life’s good. Then your LOB (Line of Business) internal client attended a Momentum conference…
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12 Days of DocuSign: The Biggest Moments from 2016

While we have no gamebirds in fruit trees, French hens, or royalty prone to hopping about at the DocuSign offices — we’re closing out 2016 with a look back on twelve monumental moments. From the…
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API Days – Paris

I attended and spoke at the API Days conference in Paris in December. Paris was a bit cold and damp compared to where I live, but the chocolate and food were great! The conference was…
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CSA Knowledge Market: DocuSign @ Microsoft – Empowering Your Large Enterprise With DocuSign

In the digital age, success isn’t just contingent upon adapting to changes, but rather, progressing more quickly and more thoroughly than competitors. It’s no secret that digital-forward companies outperform the competition by leaps and bounds….
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Recap: The Leading Edge with Rich Karlgaard

Each month Salesforce offers “The Leading Edge,” an informative webcast designed to provide Salesforce leaders with practical, emerging tactics to help businesses grow. As an appexchange partner for Salesforce, we had the opportunity to join…
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RSI Serves-Up Efficiency for Burger King® by Automating Supplier Contracts with DocuSign

Restaurant Services, Inc. (RSI) is the supply chain manager for the Burger King® System, providing procurement, distribution, and logistics services for more than 7,000 Burger King® restaurants in the United States. As RSI looks to…
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