Procurement rock stars came together for the second DocuSign Advisory Council meeting just in time for the #Dreamforce kick-off.  With a room full of whip-smart and innovation-hungry execs, you’re bound to learn best practices to mold the future.

Icing on the cake: Practitioners from Sales and HR functions were also invited to share the successes and wisdom in their areas and collaborate with Procurement to cross pollinate the best practices and enhance the symbiotic relationship between the functions. This way we all received the full blast of the potential of Digital Transaction Management (DTM).

But that’s not the point of this blog. I’m here to clue you into the themes that emerged from the discussions. Points that are on top of the agenda for many in attendance.

  • Mobile First: Shift to mobile has even surprised the savviest corporations in the industry including the ones who provide mobile services!! Time for waiting for versions is over and need to be replaced with digitals visions.
  • Security and Trust:  It’s the tide that is lifting the DTM boat. As DTM becomes more ubiquitous, trust in network underpinnings that traverses boundaries would be crucial to success.
  • Potential of DTM: A direct quote from the attendee: ”We asked for a use case and we got the answer to that use case.” Lets ask for more and get the full potential of DTM. It’s not the technology but our own ideas that are stopping us to reap the full potential.

We are excited to reconvene in March 2015 (i.e. one blink away) to build our Procurement MOMENTUM!

What Procurement trend do you think will dominate 2015? Share in the comments below!