Recently we had the privilege of being a part of a fantastic webinar “31 Must Have Sales Tools for 2013” alongside sales automation experts Craig Rosenberg, Koka SextonBrian VellmureMiles AustinNancy Nardin, and Matt Heinz.

Today we are excited to have Craig Rosenberg share with us his thoughts on the sales tools presented and what we can expect to see in 2013.

I have the privilege of meeting with sales executives from a wide range of industries and the “hot topic” of every conversation is sales automation tools and technology. I have to admit, though, that I am no different than my colleagues and become really excited when learning about new sales tools and applications.  I believe that in 2013 we will see a massive adoption of sales automation tools and technologies.

Here are my top 4 reasons that sales automation adoption will continue to be a “hot topic” in 2013.

1. The best sales organizations are automated — I found this statistic on the DocuSign blog: “Aberdeen research published that 94% of “best-in-class” sales organizations are implementing sales tools like CRM* to gain efficiencies, save time and simply put, work smarter.” Sales professionals are fast followers. When they see that their competitors or peers have a real or perceived advantage, they react urgently. If the best sales teams are automated, expect others to follow – fast.

2.  Individuals have the power to get up and running faster than ever before -– Sales automation tool pricing is so manageable and the buying process is so easy, sales professionals can be up-and-running on a problem-solving tool in a matter of minutes. As I look at the people who register from my webinars on sales tools…40-50% are individual contributors. There are individual sales reps today buying their own CRM tools, sending their own emails, generating their own leads, automating their sales process, etc.

3.  Sales automation solves problems that make organizations and people more money — Having a problem in your sales process? There is a tool to help solve that or any other challenge that may arise in the sales cycle. However to be successful when selling to a sales organization or individual you need to ensure there is ROI in the product. This is great to remember because there will always be a new shiny solution that may or may not solve your sales problem and may or may not cost more in the long run.

4.  Sales automation is easy to use — You can’t sell a solution to sales people if it is hard to use. The consumerization of IT has helped the entire technology market move toward easy, elegant user experiences. Successful sales automation gets up and running in 2-4 steps.

“It’s on!”. It is an exciting time to be in sales. Get on board or be left behind.

Missed the “31 Must-have Sales Tools in 2013” webinar? Check out the recorded session and see what sales automation tools you should be considering in 2013.