I always thought that the posting of property photos was rather high up on the list of priorities for a real estate agent, you know, to give renters a rough idea of what their potential new home looks like.

We’re encouraging property professionals to make the most of their resources with the Agent Success Kit. As, based on the photos below, it appears some aren’t taking their job seriously. Or maybe they were just thinking outside the box? You can judge for yourself:

1. “Jackson Pollock used to live here apparently…”


2. “… And Doctor Dolittle here. This part of town is great for celebrity spotting.”


3. “He actually doesn’t come with the place, but he gets very upset when you try to move him. Good luck with that.”


4. “So this is a new build. Part of the Inception development.”


5. “As you can see, this comes unfurnished. So you’ve got plenty of room to work with.”


6. “Apparently, some people like an audience.”


7. “We’ve had a bit of interest from Ghost Hunters for this one. Can’t think why.”


8. “Ok, I know what you’re thinking, and yes, we can repaint the walls.”


9. “Really unfortunate that the landlords surname is Slaughter. It’s actually a lovely neighbourhood.”


10. “And this is the Chucky room. It’s to die for.”


11. “… Speaking of which, you will… when you see the price of this place.”


12. “If you like to multi-task, you’ll love this!”

A new kind of bidet?

13. “Quite a ballsy design this, I think. Great views of the garden.”


Images courtesy of terriblerealestateagentphotos.com

Had enough?

We understand.

As a small consolation, here’s 5 examples of property pics done very, very right:

1. We love the robin egg blue. 


2. Beautiful room + expansive shot= can’t go wrong. 


3. In this case, the more windows, the merrier.


4. An older property kept in pristine condition? Never goes out of style.


5. That porch looks like just the place to kick back and unwind after a long day.


Images courtesy of: http://webneel.com/real-estate-photography

We hope you enjoyed these eye-opening examples of agents getting it so very wrong (and right!) Share your favorite photos with us in the comment section below.

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