On-Demand Webinar

Best-Practices For Retail Banking - a DocuSign Customer Success Webinar

With DocuSign, you’re building the modern banking experiences your customers demand  - with simple, secure document transactions from account openings to IRA roll-overs - across all digital channels.

To help you accelerate the journey, join Luis Miranda,  Principal Customer Success Architect, in this on-demand webinar where he’ll share top tips and best-practices for adopting and utilizing DocuSign in a retail banking organization.   Webinar highlights include:

  • a review of new product features to support compliance rules for capturing consent and identity enforcement
  • how to optimize DocuSign and assess the business impact of digitizing new processes
  • a banking customer’s steps-to-success to modernize their digital customer experience with DocuSign  - and the results - which included reducing loan application time by 90%.

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