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Sending from Box + Template Matching (Not working)

June 24, 2015 - 4:11pm

Hi all,


I'm trying to enable Template Matching when I send a Word Document from's web app.  Here's what I did (and why this is frustrating):


  1. Created a simple word doc signature page
  2. Uploaded to Docusign and built a template with it (signature routing, field locations, etc.)
  3. Used "DocuSign for Word" in that same doc to send for signature - this matched it against the template created, above, perfectly
  4. Then attempted to recreate this by sending that SAME document form the web app (right-click the file in > more actions > send with DocuSign)
  5. Template matching doesn't work :( 

Any ideas what I might be missing?  Is this simply not possible, and I'd need to re-create the signature routing and field placement everytime I wanted to send a form from Box?


Thanks for your help in advance!

Export of Address Book

June 24, 2015 - 2:46am

Hi all,


I would like to know if it is possible to export the Address Book of an account?

Thank you!



Controlling access to Signer Attachments

June 23, 2015 - 11:59am



I am looking for a way to limit which signers of an envelope (template) gets access to the signer attachments provided by the signers. Is there any way to have the attachments be hidden from recipients other than the one that added the attachment(s)?


The typical use case would be as follows:


The envelope (template) is sent to between 2 and 4 external recipients, and 1 internal. Signer Attachments would be added by the recipients in two specific signer roles (let's say Signer 1 and Signer 2). Signer 1 would always be present, but Signer 2 might not always be added. Signer 3 and Signer 4 (if added) should not be able to see attachments provided by Signer 1 or Signer 2. Perferably Signer 1 would not be able to see attachments provided by Signer 2 and vice versa either, but that's less important.


In addition, the attachments should not be available for the user that actually triggers the sending of the envelope (template), but needs to be visible for other internal users (one of which will be added as the last signer of the envelope).


Is there any good way to accomplish this? The envelopes are being sent via an external connection (Salesforce), so I'm thinking that there might be a way to accomplish this by automatically triggering a second envelope in parallell to "Signer 1" only and another one to "Signer 2" only - but even then I guess whatever attachments they add will be accessible by the user that sends it?



what kind of url should i give to connect with my application in docusign connect

June 23, 2015 - 3:43am
i am newbie to docusign . i want to get auto notifications when recipient signs . for that i have chosen docusign connect. i have given url like this(http://localhost:80/embeded/app.php). i am unable to connect to that . i am getting a error like exception cannot connect in my logs. please tell me how to connect . give me sample url and how can i convert parse xml that i got. please help me out.

Why is my custom Email Message not being sent with my emails through Salesforce?

June 17, 2015 - 3:38pm


   I've recently signed up for the 'Salesforce for Docusign' and I'm having an issue with my custom email title and message not being sent with the document.

I'm looking to send the first image but Docusign insists on populating the field with the second image

It seems like I'm overlooking a very simple solution. Does anyone have any advice?


Thank you in advance!!


change "Fill-in", "Choose" tabs to "Review" when info has already been filled in

June 11, 2015 - 8:29am

Here's our business problem: more often than not, a main contact will fill out required information in a contract such as legal name, executive contact info (name, title, address, phone number), procurement contact info (name, address, phone number), type of organization (higher ed, industry, etc).  Sometimes they also have signing authority, but more often than not, they will pass the contract on to the right person in their organization for signature.


Once the customer signs, someone within our organization has to review and approve, and then the contract goes to our CFO for signature.


I have a powerform set up with 4 roles:

Main Customer Contact

Signing Authority (Customer)

Approver (Internal)

Signing Authority (Internal)


All 4 roles are set up as "signers", all 4 roles are "allowed to edit", "require initials", "require all" for all the custom fields.


Here's the issue.  The main contact goes in, fills out the info, all's good.

The Signing Authority (Customer) goes in and a) they have to step thru every single field and b) the yellow tabs on the side prompt them to "fill in", "choose" even though there is info already filled in.


I figure given all fields are editable and required, there is no way around the 2nd person in the workflow having to step thru each one of them.  Is there a way to change the yellow tab text to read "Review"?




Loss of Image Quality Signing Documents

June 8, 2015 - 4:43pm



There is a significant loss of image picture quality in our PDF’s when a user is signing a document. To show this I have attached images:


  • Before signoff
  • During signoff (in docusigns preview screen, during the signoff stage)
  • After signoff


So after signoff, when I download the signed PDF all the images are fine. But when the signer is looking at the images  in the docusign “preview mode”, the image quality goes. My guess is that the software is just reducing the PDF size so the document loads faster. But this PDF was only 5 mb.


Is there a way to ensure sharp images  during the signoff stage?







Before Signoff.png



During Signoff.png




After Signoff.png


Overlay a data field on text grids in base document

June 3, 2015 - 6:55pm

I have a PDF form that has an individual cell for every time a letter or digit needs to be entered (see screenshot)


Can anybody recommend any options for tagging this document, other than making a unique Data Field tag that overlays over each and every cell? (which would create a terrible UX and make reporting on returned forms difficult!)



In SharePoint, finished pdfs are not showing up in the Docusign Documents folder

June 2, 2015 - 6:07am

What are some of the reasons that a finished pdf would not show up in the Docusign Documents folder in the SharePoint library as expected?   Most of the time it works normally, but everynow and then, one wont show up.  I see no difference in the envelopes.    Any idea what could cause this?

Field values changing, and signatures appearing and disappearing in documents when sent?

May 28, 2015 - 10:55am

I am helping a realtor with what appears to be a rather unusual Docusign issue. She uses PDFs to put together her contract for signing, but when she sends the Docusign document to a client, values(numbers) in fields are changing, appearing to change on their own, and signatures are dissappearing. Multiple people in the office have witnessed these strange errors. 


My suspicion is that this issue relates to her using PDFs, and maybe the method she is using them, and maybe their form fields are somehow not interacting well with docusign fields and masks? Seems like that would be a widespread problem if it was though, and I couldn't find any info on this problem with Google. Anyway that's my suspicion as of now if that helps at all.


I hope to find informaton that will help to understand and diagnose the issue. I'll get additional data and info, screenshots, etc, as needed. 


Thanks for your help.

Bulk Send Workflow issue

May 27, 2015 - 4:26pm



I have an envelope I'm trying to send, where the last recipient is a Bulk Recipient.


So the order goes:

1. Recipient 1

2. Recipient 2 (Director)

3. Recipient 3

4. Bulk Recipient


My bulk recipient csv has 10 people listed in it.


I would expect the following to occur:

  • The envelope is sent once to recipients 1-3.
  • The envelope then "splits" a sends to each of the bulk recipients


Instead, the following occurred:

  • The envelope was sent 10 times to Recipient 1
  • He declined each of them, as he didn't want the Director to have to complete the same thing 10 times as Recipient 2.

Is there a way I can achieve what I would expect to occur?




Creating an envelop and populating Document level data using REST webservices

May 19, 2015 - 7:27am


I am trying to figure out if Docusign supports Use case below. Our web application creating Docusign envelop, adding forms templates and populating data on each template.

I am having problem understanding how using REST service to do following

1. To be able to attach templates already stored on DocuSign.

2.REST calls need to be able to populate envelope level fields


There can be multiple copies of the same template attached to a single envelope.. Each template copy will have different values for the same fields.To be able to programmatically assign values to each copy of the templates.


Envelop would look li below




field 1

field 2


Attachements (template)


field 1 value '123'



field1 values '567'


tempalte 2


Thanks in advance for any suggetions.




How do I change language on e-mails?

May 18, 2015 - 3:05am



I have set a simple  template for my client.

I use this template to send request signature with the REST API.


The body and the object mail are been modified in the request :


{ [...] "emailSubject" : "Document à signer", "emailBlurb" : "Merci.", [...] }


But, for now, the e-mail are in English.. Can I change the language on French ?

I read it is possible to personnalize  the language of each recipient but for that, i must modify the request.

Is it possible to change the language without personnalize  the language of each recipient


Thanks in advance,



Re: Can I edit an email address in an envelope if I typed it incorrectly?

May 14, 2015 - 9:02am

I have followed the instructions and tried to correct the mistyped email address and I get a dialog box that says "docusign will not allow this to be changed."  I use the system through my tax software, ProSeries.  I pay for each use.  I need to be able to deliver my tax documents to my clients on a timely basis.  Can someone help me other than to send me to instructional videos and a chat room?

Envelope Sending error with documents

May 13, 2015 - 10:00am

I have a user that seems to be getting an error more and more often. She gets an error that the envelope cannot be sent because there are no documents attached, however that is not the case. Has anyone encountered this?




Inform singers

May 13, 2015 - 4:12am

Our organization uses DocuSign. We send agreements to supervisors. They are still unfamiliar with DocuSign. I'm looking for a solution to inform the supervisors of DocuSign. Now we send before signing request an informational letter, which is an additional operation.

Does anyone have a solution to inform signatories to sign?

Power Form Volume

May 12, 2015 - 8:42am

We have setup a powerform with a generic access code. We have a volume based license so was wondering at what point of using the powerform does it count as/burn an envelope. 


With the access code in place, when does a powerform usage count as an envelope.

At what point using the powerform count as an envelope usage,

1) As soon as a user clicks on link to powerform?

2) We have only one role in template, Does it burn an envelope when user clicks on begin signing after filling out his name and email on the initial screen?

3) After the user fills out the access code and clicks Next?


The reason I want to know about when does it count as envelope usage is, since the link is publicly accessible, I would like to limit the risk of some hacker writing a script to just hitting the URL burning envelopes overnight.


Also how can I be able to provide security to powerform without the access code. What other options do I have.

If I don't have an access code what is preventing me from writing a script to fill out the form (I can simply populate values into form by adding attributes to the end of powerform URL and keep submitting forms). Please provide information about other options I have.



Approval Workflow / Cover Page

May 12, 2015 - 7:17am

Hello -


I plan to use DocuSign to automate the signature process for supplier contracts in my company. As part of our approval process today, a cover page is included with all contracts with signatures from various stakeholders.


My question is: how can I include a cover page for internal business justification of expense and sign-off in the same envelope as a supplier contract, but not have that cover page sent to the supplier.


Alternately, is there an approval workflow I can leverage that would simply send the contract for review (not a signature) to each stakeholder prior to releasing to the ultimate signatory?





Power Forms and In Person Signing

May 11, 2015 - 4:06pm

Example workflow:

We have a tenant lease application (Today we use a paper form that tenant fills out and signs).

To electronise this process with DocuSign, created a PDF form identical to paper form, created a template with that PDF form, added the property manager  as a signing host for In-person signing. Now added the template to a Powerform.


Expected Behaviour:


Property manager(Host) would click on PowerForm link and be the Signing host for the Tenant to complete the Lease application.


Observed Behaviour: In-person signing with Power forms behaves very odd. It pre-polates the property manger email in tenants email input field box. In later screens takes Tenants name as Host name.  Am I not supposed to use In-person Signing with Powerform?



Is there a way to acheive the above workflow?

Note: Property Managers are non techincal, so wouldn't like them to be creating envelopes and sending them to tenants. We are trying to make this process as simple as possible for them.



Can the CreateEnvelope action return a URL or can a URL be built from the returned EnvelopeID?

May 11, 2015 - 12:13pm

Hello all,


I was wondering; is it possible to use the CreateEnvelope action, return the EnvelopeID and then use that ID in a link in an email that I create and send?


For instance.


1. CreateEnvelope (uploads PDF document to Docusign for signing.  Docusign creates EnvelopeID and returns ID)


2. I create an in-house email (we want to use our out Logo and mailmerge functionality) that has a link for the customer that takes them to their Docusign document to sign?   I.e.  https://www.docusign/mycompany/?????????????????


3. Send email and once user recieves, clicks link in email that loads Docusign document for signing/review?


Aka, instead of Docusign sending the email?